In 1944, American Soldier Duane Hodgkinson and his friend were hiking up into the interior of Papa New Guinea. They came to a jungle clearing, about a hundred feet in diameter with moderately high grass, where the two men saw a creature on the far side.
The animal apparently ran to their left, taking 6 to 10 steps to get airborne. It then promptly disappeared over the dense brush after first flying over the clearing.
Hodgkinson estimated the legs to be about 3-4 ft long and although he did not notice any details of the tail he estimated that it was at least 10-15 ft long. Hodgkinson also compared the wingspan to a Piper Tri-Pacer airplane, roughly about 29 ft. He also noted an appendage protruding from the head, above the neck which was about 18-24 inches long.

Source: Reports of Living Pterosaurs in the Southwest Pacific


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